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Mp 7 mains and rods bearing torque spec

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Hellow everyone can anybody tell me the torque on a 2007 mp7 engine for main bearings and rod bearing. Nad also this caps on tbe rod bearing look lime they broke rouhg and not sure what happen does any body seen somwting like that. Thanks to all 

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you may get better results, if you move this post to the engine and transmission topic board...  someone may post the torque procedure..  it is several steps, and finishes with torque turning,,  ( Degree's) jojo

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Crankshaft Mains

Step 1. 150 ±20 N•m (111 ±15 lb-ft)
Step 2. Angle tighten 120° ±5°

Crankshaft Main bolts are only to be reused 4 times.

Connecting Rod Bearing Caps

Step 1. 30 ±3 N•m (22 ±2 lb-ft)
Step 2. Angle tighten 180° ±6°

Connecting rod bolts are only to be reused 4 times.

If you are reusing the connecting rod bolts, then a light coating of oil on the threads and under the bolt head are to be applied. If you are replacing the bolts with new ones, they are coated with phosphate and oil and they must be installed dry. 

The information above was taken out from the engine manual. 

If the bolts broke you may want to find the problem before reassembly. Also, those connecting rods are fractured rods, if they were de-torqued they will loose their strength. Those rod caps are an exact fit, if they move around the fracturing will not be the same and they can/will fail prematurely.


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