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  1. well the main and rod bearings, did the job, truck is running ok psi hot don't drop below 18, maybe in the near future will change cam bushing, that shoul inprove oil psi,
  2. i like to know were is the , I’d probably try to shim up regulator & relief valves, in this engine, and i notice that this engine on top of cover, says that is remack engine . now the relives valve and regulator is in the oil pump, well i install a new pump, well today drove and work with truck, got load it and work ok, but weather was not that hot, like 80 degrees, waithing on thursday weather look like is going to be on the 90 degrees, well will let you know if repairs will hold up.
  3. I like to thank all of you for u opinion and help
  4. No i did not plastic check the mains just rodbearings . I got the truck running but will drive for a while and then do bushings on cam. And now that i was looking at the bearing that we remove I'm more convince that it was not done right and that dirt was all over. The bearings that i posted are from 1 year ago. Pressure is nice while cold but once hot just won't hold up goes to low and when i stop for a while it goes up,
  5. You are right different flywheel, the 99 etech has two theeth cut half way for timing sensor 96 don't have that mark. thank for your advice
  6. Well looks like im going to do cam bearing job maybe this will help oil pressure stay at least 20 .
  7. I did used a plastic gauge to check crank let me see if i can upload a picture
  8. I been having problem with my e7 350. I check rockers plugs but i did not see any leaks remove and replace rod bearings main bearing oil pump, i notice that crank was cut ones before main bearings are p10, rod bearings still standard some mains when in tight and some when in kind of easy, install oil pan add oil and oil press when up, from 60. To 70 with new bearings and pump, but when driving truck weather was around 80 degree, oil drop around 15 psi this with no load on truck. Now i was told that cambushing if they never been change can make oil pressure drop while hot. Is this possible or is something that i over look.
  9. i have a problem like this my question i used a flywhell that was in 1996 and my truck is 1999, i check and all look the same, could be that is different on the flywheel, i did notice that sensor was unhook before i remove housing, olso did remove sensor, and check magnet on tip and was good, what could i did wrong,
  10. I found a tiny crack on number 1 liner, remove and replace liner problem solve, turn out that becouse this liners are so thin they crack.
  11. thank u just saw it. did help alot not much has change.
  12. well i i block air compressor, to engine block, but still doing it, the strange thing is that it does it when engine is cold, then i idle engine hi and water gets suck in, this is really strange, i drove truck to get temp up to 180, and no pressure build up in coolant thank, if any body has any idea, let me know please, and thank you
  13. I install new compressor gasket, could it be the still do it eben with new gaskets,
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