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east coast auction


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another pass it on note;

there is an auction of truck/ towing related items on line starting 1-5-22. nothing to do with me just putting info here,

Jaquier auctions online

Prifti motors towing  (northeast).

no address showing . quite a bit of garage related items and parts, shop tools etc. 

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THANK YOU  for adding web site; i'm not that computer  orientated to do those things;; LOL and my grandkids were'nt around😄 . i had a lot of that stuff yrs ago. as the saying goes " things change"!  in a lot of ways; sure do miss those days. 

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22 hours ago, mowerman said:

Those city and state auctions are amazing get real ready to work equipment for almost nothing I have never had the opportunity to attend one but you can save thousands on high priced equipment… Bob

there's an outfit in CT that holds auctions having HD equipt ,i've noticed the fliers they send out don't have pictures of all the lots. there have been some good deals now and then . amazing the amount of auctions out there. spend alot of time searching Auctionzip. 

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