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Winchester, Va.

other dog

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...or Clearbrook,Va. actually, but I always just say Winchester because nobody's heard of Clearbrook anyway, and it's only about a quarter of an inch north of Winchester...on the map. Anybody else going?

We're driving up Thursday, so we'll be there Friday, and probably again Saturday morning because there's always some late arrivals that don't get there until Saturday.


Producer of poorly photo-chopped pictures since 1999.

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23 hours ago, other dog said:

I would have taken pictures of half-nekkid wimmens, but there were none to be seen- not one.

What a strange event?... Who would have thunk?...

Nice looking Bullnose. I both like its type and the color.

Thank you for fullfilling my request :)

Никогда не бывает слишком много грузовиков! leversole 11.2012

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