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toggle switches,and extentions

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i was poking around looking for new switches,,,turns out amazon carrys all kinds of them,and get this they even have all kinds of cool extentions,i didnt even know you could get those anymore,,nor was i interested,,,but looking at some of thier cool designs,i might just pick out a couple.thought some of you fellas might be interested to know that....be a nice finishing touch...for a fresh painted dashboard...if i finally get started on the damn thing...bob

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Definitely the thing you need the first and the most to start painting the dash is those switches :):)

Speaking the subject I'm not sure Amazon carries all the assortment you need for a Mack. Once I had the main light toggle switch fallen (apart!) and started looking for one I discovered there's plenty of similar looking switches. But that one I had in my R-model had specific functioning and terminal lay out. So after some basic search I ended up ordering one from Watts.

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The headlight switches are kinda unique for a B model.  The dash lights only come on with the headlights, not with parking lights.  I'd like to get that changed but haven't figured out the wiring yet (only been 20 yrs).

I bought a special long handle toggle for my Jakes but would like a colored extension for it.

I see a guy on FB that is recasting sparkle shifter handle extensions now.



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The R I drove all those years ago had an extension on the main (right) stick.  It was a 5" or so long gizmo made with stacked colored rings.  Seems like it was yellow and green.  The compound (left) stick had a regular ball on it.  One day, I was digging around in the cab and found another one (red and blue, I believe) that had a piece of the shifter broke off in it.  Looks like somebody broke that one off, and just had the larger diameter of the stick threaded, and stuck a ball with a bigger hole in it on there.

Funny thing is that, with the 2 different heights, that thing was almost perfect.  The compound was right there when you dropped your hand on it, and the main was just enough taller to grab onto without bumping the compound with your arm.

What did Bob Ross call them?  Happy little accidents.

I'm kinda like you, Bob.  Sorta hate to cover up brand new switches.

When I was working on mine a few years back, I actually found the right switches (even the right terminals) at a local NAPA store.  Kinda surprised me.

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Napa was the last one to hang on to old fashioned personal touch as well as American made inventory… I’m sure these days they have to at least keep up with competition…. God lovem I love the fact they usually give out free hats for funny car nationals.. bob

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