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No air?? baffling me

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Hi everyone.  I am new to the forum.  I have a 1986 max superliner and I’m scratching my head on this one. Air will not build unless I pump the system to nearly empty. To date, I installed a new air dryer, new governor and the uploader valve is clean as a whistle. All the lines appear to be clear.  
The truck came back from having a new frame put under it. A few air lines were replaced. I found a loose fitting and tightened it. Right after that, the air dryer kept purging. I replaced the governor and the purging problem went away but now this new problem has appeared. The old air dryer had a stuck check valve and hadn’t been serviced in quite some time so I replaced it with a new one. I am still having the same problem with no air building unless the system is bled down to nearly nothing.  I had to run the truck for the day so I “tricked” the compressor into staying on by loosening the line that goes from the air dryer to the governor. Any thoughts?

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When it happens again take the air line  that goes from dryer to the tank and see it flows air at good pressure and rate if it does then check the check valve on the air tank. I’ve had air dryers crack internally from winter freezing do what you described before.   Or just try bypassing the dryer with a makeshift hose and try that   Go over all your lines to recheck plumbing.    Could also so be a sticky  govener   Oops just saw you replaced gov. Scratch that

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