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22 GU collision avoidance

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Looking at purchasing a new GU next year, and would like feedback on disc brakes and collision avoidance system. I would love to hear from both owners and drivers on them. In Louisiana, the lawyers are on every other billboard for big truck wrecks, and im weighing plusses and minuses. Btw the truck will be both owner, and driver driven. Ive heard stories of the annoyances of collision avoidance systems, are they better now than in the past?

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Been driving with it for 6 years, distance alarm gets annoying in heavy traffic but to used to the adaptive cruise when I get in my personal vehicle without it I forget how to drive with cruise on. You do have to relearn driving with it but used to it now. 

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Last time I used cruise control I was driving a 1975 Buick on I 95 in Virginia. I had it set about 70 mph. Next thing I new I was almost up the ass of a State of Virginia dump truck doing about 20 mph with no brake lights flashers or anything. That's the last time I used cruise control about 40 years ago.

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