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05 cv 713 no start


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I have a 05 cv 713. With the E7 It will crank but no start
ran fine a couple days ago. Went to start it, and it started, ran for a couple seconds, and died. Just like you turned the ignition off. No spit no sputter. It will run on either. Until the either runs out. Then it dies. 

have new clean fuel in it. Have fuel coming to the injector units. Took my ECU off and put it on another truck, and it ran it. So my ECU is good. I’ve checked all fuses and relays(that i know of). Checked both cam and crank sensors. They’re good. Already checked my hot wires and grounds. Pulled the kick panel off the passengers side and checked for any corroded plugs on the vecu. They’re all nice and clean. I’m at a loss here. Any help would be appreciated. 

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No Ether..... Check fuse 40 in the EPDM next to the steering column under the hood.  If its good, take a good 12volt battery and connect the ground post to ground on the engine. and make a little jumper wire to force 12v to fuse 40 and see if it starts. If it starts up, replace the starter. Jojo

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