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I posted the other day about an oil leak on my truck and I have definitely found it. I have a lot of experience working on cars but at times am lost with this truck. Anyhow my truck is a 65 Mack fire engine equipped with a ENDTF673 Diesel. The injection pump is an American Bosch APE 6BB 90Q pump and it appears like on the very back oil is coming out of it. I am having a really hard time finding info on how to remove it and repair it. I'm not exactley sure what part of the governor is leaking but the oil is coming out of it and running down my frame even when the truck is off and hasn't been running for days. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks again. This is a great site

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Have you washed it down spotlessly to try and establish were this leak is coming from, it's been a while since I have had a injector pump off. I dont recall there been a plate on the rear (engine side of the pump)


Would be a shame to pull the pump off for no reason 





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I'd start with what Paul said. Wash up the rearend of the pump. There're a few small covers on the governor and if the leak goes from below of any of them it's probably an easy fix to do right on the engine. If it's from below the big governor housing you'd probably need to remove the pump to work with it on a bench. Pumps of those years have simple fit and don't need injection reset after removed and put back on. But better look for the particular pump design before digging that deep. At least post a few pics of its general appearance on here.


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