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ASET-I exhaust manifold center section

Joey Mack

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I am looking for the center piece of the exhaust manifold for an ASET-I engine, Mack's part number is: 104GC5213M.. I believe an E-tech one is the same,  Jojo

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13 minutes ago, Glensts said:

That email address comes up with a parts scam in the UK


Glen, Next time you see a post like that can you click on the 3 Dots on the Top RHS of the Post, A drop down Menu will appear Click on  Report Post & one of We Mods will sort It Out.. Thanks.

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Man that is a first for me 'here'...  my gut said it was to good to be true, because I have been searching for over a week, and I have many contacts to call.   I also P.M.'d him and did not get an answer....   My customer is loosing 'daily' quad axle dump truck pay because of these  B.S. parts issues.... and a scammer is nothing but a roadblock. I stopped looking because I thought I was about to buy one from him...  I'm tempted to put an E-7 manifold on it and modify the oil return under the turbo...  hell cut it and put a hose on it like an E-7....  Thoughts please????  Jojo

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