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VMAC2 Throttle Response


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Is there anything that can be done to improve the throttle response on a VMAC2 engine? The truck has tons of power but it just seems like it takes a long time to build boost as compared to other engines I've ran. I know mack programmed these engines so they wouldn't smoke but I was just curious to know if there's anything that can be done to open up the throttle sooner?

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2 hours ago, theakerstwo said:

I'm running one of these as well, from a factory 400 the maximum setting is definitely noticable but not significant. The blixxton module seems to help with maximum fuel rack position rather than quicker response. 

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Not much you can do like you stated already have the blixxton. The throttle response is like that because of the EPA not wanting it to smoke too much down low. The blixxton I feel helps a lot imo. 


You should think about stg2 injectors and a diff turbo. That's what we did with the 93. We also bought the new blixxton for our 99 460 E-tech and that really woke it up. Still can't out pull the 93 tho. But with injectors and a turbo I bet it'll give it a run for its money then

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