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CT713 Ai 370 accelerating on its own.


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Hey guys I have an issue on one of my CT713 Ai 370hp. The truck has been having issues this whole week where it’s accelerating on its own. It doesn’t matter if it’s in gear or not it revs up randomly. Today it went all the way to 2200 rpms while entering a job site. I changed the throttle sensor a couple days ago and it didn’t help, same issue. I have the truck running at the yard and it’s acting like nothing is wrong. I’m checking wires now to make sure there isn’t a short somewhere. Any suggestions on what the issue could be? Thanks 

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Outside of checking for shorts in the throttle pedal wiring ...did you try taking the cruise control switch and the accel/decel switch out of the equation? Take the dash panel off that side and make sure the harness isn’t melted together on those 2 connectors 

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