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E7 econovance lock out


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I am converting a super liner over from a e6 to an e7 the e7 motor was a vmac I’m going to put the e6 mechanical pump on the e7 but don’t know the right way to lock the econovance what is the right way to lock the econvance in a fixed position and what timing did you use 

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Never done this!  However Thought about it several times! I think all a guy has to do is cap the oil supply line off(The econovance is spring loaded to the off position anyway) no pressure no advance !  and then tri and pick a suitable timing to to run it at  So Say roughly 20 -22 degrees!Just my thoughts on it By no means 

Just a guess!

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I didn't realize e6 pump would mount up? 


When were swapping out the vmac1 for the mech pump were getting rid of the econovance all together. Takes some hp to turn that. Mount the pump and get new lines is all. 


As for the timing I'd stay around 17°. The guy that built our pump is very knowledgeable and he said right around there. Too far advance and you'll lose all the low rpm grunt. Better to be a tad retarded than too advanced. 


You can fool the computer on the vmac and mess with the timing. The TEM (timing event marker) drill that out and in large the 2 slots so you can have a tiny bit of play up and down. Forget which way is advance and retard. You can also take the tone wheel off and then rotate it just a cunt hair. To fool it that way it's the opposite of what you'd think. 

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