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  1. I am converting a super liner over from a e6 to an e7 the e7 motor was a vmac I’m going to put the e6 mechanical pump on the e7 but don’t know the right way to lock the econovance what is the right way to lock the econvance in a fixed position and what timing did you use
  2. Can you take an e6 pump and put it in a e7 V Mac motor
  3. It’s an early 90s still has a injection pump
  4. Can you take a semi electric e7 400 and make it fully mechanical and if so what does it take
  5. I have a supper liner that I’m wanting to take out a bad e6 350 out and replace it with an e7 350 has anyone done this and if so was it a simple bolt out bolt in or is a major under taken
  6. the panel where my air vents and switchs are is cracked all to pieces i was wondering if anyone knows of where i can get another one. or if there is a good way to fix them.
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