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  1. Well after no insight from mack, might as well talked to a fence post, but anyway you can swap those pumps from what found out my 93 cl had a 91 fuel pump on it and it is timed on #6 the fuel pump I put on is a 95 and it is timed on #1. The fuel lines are in different locations from pump to pump also but everything works well no issues, did find out u absolutely have to have that a b light to get the timing right we tried getting close and you could tell it wasn't right.
  2. All they could tell me was that it will bolt up but they don't know if it will work with my ECM.
  3. I have a 93 Mack cl with e7 400 vmac with a 313GC5204 pump, there's something wrong in my pump. Buddy of mine has a 313GC5205 off his 96 Rd 400 vmac said he would give it to me. Was wondering if they will interchange wasnt sure if my computer would throw a fit being a newer style pump. Thanks for your time.
  4. The ltl is 95 it's my dad's baby it use to haul fresh water and brine water for the natural field but it's been retired to hauling swimming pool water now along with truck pulls and shows, as for the other Ford its a 98 Ford Louisville it's was the transition year to the Sterlings. I just took the photo on this July 4th
  5. Okay that's what I was afraid of, thanks for reply
  6. Had a question I recently bought a 93 CL with e7 400 vmac and I was wondering can you adjust the puff limiter/aneroid being its the vmac? Thanks for your time.
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