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1993 CH-613 400-hp 8-LL 44-K rear's air ride double frame locking power devider ...

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 It was our yard tractor and every sat i had to drain the crankcase out about 20 gallons of fuel i finally talked the owner into letting me get the injectors repaired all six were shot.  They caught the truck cab on fire and i wabbed up the wiring to make it go again. Then they ran the loader into the radiator and tore the hood right off and kept putting water in the engine never told me it froze the first cold night finished the radiator it sat till a warmer day so the water pump unfroze i got a good radiator on it, and then they ripped the clutch up and you couldn't release the clutch it ended up with just low gear and reverse. I had to back the truck up a pretty steep hill from a stop to get a trailer up to my repair garage the truck had one working brake. When people speak about tough trucks that mack earned my respect. I have never seen a truck try to keep going with so many idiot's trying to destroy the truck. O i forgot they ripped the drivers door off the truck right before i left.

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