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E9 Allison HT Conversion


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12 hours ago, Bigjohn4300 said:

who built it? Whats it rated for? What model? Idk which i love better, the ally transmission or the mack its in!!!

It was rebuilt by Global Industrial Automatics in Tucson Arizona. I worked with Richard there to get it set up with higher shift points and quicker clutch engagements, super guy to work with and knows Allison Transmissions. There are no super duty parts for the HT Series trans as they are super duty already. We did not over ride the shift governor yet until we get a few runs in to see what it does. So just leave it in first gear and it will shift at the governor through the gears for racing. The old Chevy turbo 400 would do the same thing, not for the faint of heart to drive that way.

Rated at 1450 lbs/ft torque (continuous) at load. That said in racing an old Chevy 2 speed Powerglide was rated around 275 hp but with a few mods can easily handle 900 hp or more in a light car. Same here 11-12 second run at full throttle with only the weight of the tractor, it will be fine behind 6000 lbs/ft or so of torque.

It is an Allison cable shift HT754CR, 5 speed with lockup in 3rd gear so acts like a 6 speed. It has the big high stall torque converter.

The reason for the cab over is ease of lifting the cab to work on everything in the open.

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