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If it's the old push mack style clutch you adjust the free travel with the outside linkage.  They had a spacer that was bolted in between the pressure plate and the flywheel that if it was slipping and had free travel you could take out and it would put more pressure on the clutch disc.  Some time it would work and sometime not.  Are you slipping or just need to adjust free travel.

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Years ago twaz told the clutch linkage is set  @ factory for delivery and the only time U need to adjust the linkage

is wen U take the gearbox out etc

and all clutch and clutch brake adjustments R dun in the clutch bell housing



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I have a feeling he has a real old single disc clutch that was before you adjusted them on the pressure plate like a double disc is.  the only adjustment is in the linkage.  terry:MackLogo:

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