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New Member here on BMT, but some here may know me from Just Old Trucks, I'm Coloradogreen over on Hank's Truck Forum and JustOldTrucks.


27 year old owner-operator, I work primarily in heavy haul and oversize, but run a variety of freight during the cold season, whatever pays.


My primary tractor is a 1990 KW W900B, Suzie-Q. She's an absolute sweetheart. 1280 CPL 444XT Cummins with a factory 6x4 set of boxes and 4.44 DS402 Eaton cogs. I bought her 3 years ago, and have hauled everything from time sensitive coastal produce to circus equipment to 140,000lb machinery with her. Absolutely love driving her.


As mentioned, my primary work is heavy haul. Colorado is pretty aggessive on axle weights and gross weight on an annual. Suzie has grossed 210,000lbs. With the C-series auxiliary and deep rears, pulling heavy weight isn't an issue. She consistently pulls 120,000+ gross without issue.


As a 3 axle, however, with a standard frame, grossing heavy weight I prefer having axles underneath me. With slow turning rears, a high drawbar pull isn't much concern with the axles to spread the weight.


However, with need for some more specialized moves where I need a minimal number of axles and the ability to frame load a tractor immensely, I recently bought a 1989 Mack DM686. It's an ex-mixer with a 20,000lb steer and 54,000lb Mack rears. 300 E6 with a 1071A. The last of the mixer gear will be stripped and a 20,000 lift added.


The Mack, named "Victoria", will become my heavy four axle rig for local work.


She won't be designed to go terribly fast, but, when we need to get a Metso crusher up narrow mountain roads or a full dress 349 CAT out of downtown, Victoria will be the unit to put high load on the power unit.


I came over here hopefully to learn as much as I can about Mack's in general. I'm reasonably knowledgeable about Paccar and Cummins products, along with Eaton and what have you, but, I'll admit to more limited knowledge on Mack's.


It's not a distaste or prejudice against Mack. I've never had a particular dislike of Mack, I've driven four or five and they've always been good trucks in my estimation, I just haven't been around them as much as other equipment.


Anyway, that's things in a nutshell.


I also own a 1997 Freightliner cabover, the first truck I bought as an owner-operator. 460 N14 that spun a main and needs a line bore before running again. Much more a highway tractor than Suzie or Victoria.


And a 1957 Autocar, Audrey, which is more of a vintage project on rainy days.







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Welcome! Nice looking units you have there.    Paul


 “Life’s journey is not to arrive at the grave safely, in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting ‘Holy shit, what a ride!’


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Troy I forgot to say the mack engine you have will be a low horse power been in a mixer and it a two valve 11 liter engine.If you ever have to replace it go with a 4 valve E7 mechanical 400.

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glenn akers

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