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Sort of a loaded question,what yall think? Don't know anything other than a call on your dad's truck. You looking to buy it back or taking offers on selling it? We can comment but just what are you talking about, Make, model, year, condition all matter. Is it price that you are asking about?

If you are looking for or parting with a family money maker that has a history with you and Dad, it would be hard to ask, what is it worth. It is worth what you are willing to pay or let it go for. History is hard to put a dollar amount on and sometimes priceless.....

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Papatrucker, if that truck runs decent and is driveable, $25k might be a good price. The pictures look good; is the truck as nice as the pictures? As always, try to haggle a little on the price!

Here is papatrucker6's post with photos.


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Just depends how bad you want it. 25k for a restored truck is not bad when you consider the labor and parts availability these days. I agree it may have a little bit of a premium based on current going rates but its a once in a lifetime chance to have it back. thats priceless alone.

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