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Bumper cars at the loading dock


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70 Mack, does limited endorsement, mean nothing bigger than a pickup? I just thought of an anecdote  from when I had a 249 card! Used to work the xtra list and was mostly OK Grocery (Giant Eagle.Markets) in Crafton Pa , You couldn't buy that job (although I heard some did!) One of the annointed few pulled out of the dock and rolled the truck over before he even got out of the gate!Lol There is nothing difficult about that curve, if you don't do it at 50 mph! I'm driving in to pick up a truck and I saw the rig lying on its side! The "driver" is running toward the office! His punishment?... they gave him another load to pull! When I was working another job that used Ryder equipment I became friends with their safety man. Ok Grocery would sometimes lease Ryder tractors and one of their drivers picked up a brand new GMC General! He actually told the safety man "we'll have that torn up in a couple days!" Giant Eagle normally used 45ft trailers and R or U model daycabs. There was one older market that was so tight that you were given an Astro day cab and a 40 footer! There was a bar across from the dock and you often had to get their customers to move their cars. Then you had to go the wrong way down a one way street and blindside into the uphill dock! To get in you had to literally rub a telephone pole ( the company permitted this!) We carried an electric Jack and were required to get the pallets to the end of the dock) was lots of fun on the uphill dock! I always would take the pallets into the store which wasn't permitted! Too much work I guess with an electric Jack! Lol that "pull" was like a career! Was the perfect job for our piggly.wiggly friend!

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Talked to my friend Bob last night Freightrain, he asked if  I "talked" to you lately? Said I haven't been on the site recently due to holiday stuff! Where's OD? Haven't  seen any "pictures of the week" lately! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all the guys and gals! Oh by the way on the subject of "questionable driving" When I drove for Nu Car Carriers they had a picture in their Ayer Mass. terminal of  a car hauler where the driver drove a car off the end of the headramp! Ever see that Carlotpilot? Had another picture of a "parking lot " that got hung up on a rail crossing and got hit by a train! There were cars along the tracks for 1/8 of a mile!

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  bill    i did see a car go off the head rack backwards. was watching a training session in council bluff iowa one day. one of the guys backed a station wagon on and had it exactly where it should have been then for whatever reason he punched it    off it came

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