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Young Helping The Old

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The old mills are pretty much gone.  Combination of environmental regulations and efficiency improvements  making steel.  Starting about 25 years ago or so, the so called mini mills started to be built.  These mills specialize in what they make.  Plate mills, small bar mills, tube mills, structural mills, etc. We're built.  They are much more efficient, produce a  better product, and make money.  Continuous casting and other process improvements have made this so.  We produce better steel, more efficiently, cheaper, and more of it than anywhere else in the world.  

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Steelman, the property where US Steels Homestead Works used to sit is now a bunch of restaurants and the like! I read that the Edgar  Thompson Works in Braddock Pa is still operating can't say for sure I've picked up and delivered to both locations! At some point in the70s the big steel companies started to put their profits into the state of the art facilities they owned in China and elsewhere under different names,to avoid the costs of paying a living wage to union workers! Pretty much the only steel mills in America are specialty steel and steel finishers! Homestead was once the biggest Bessemer converter in the world!

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