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E7 460p power


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Hey guys....


I have a 07 ch with e7 460..has 150000 left on warranty.  It had 460xt program before we had to drop new motor.  Just curious what we could do to get it back to where it was.  We cant get mack to install the 460xt program.  Anyone else have this motor?  Just curious if you had any ecm upgrades or installed any aftermarket turners to get it up to 480-500?  Has 18spd 2050 clutch and 3.90 rears.  Would a swap of rear ends maybe help?

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Did  the dealership reflash or replace the engine ECM when they did the overhaul/replacement? If not you should be still at 460XT. No hardware difference in 460 and 460XT, only the software is different. If you had a power loss after the work was done maybe the incorrect turbo or injectors were installed or boost pressure leaks or incorrect valve adjustments. 

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Not sure if it was reflashed when the put the new block in....we did do a new turbo and injectors to get the warranty.  Thank you for the reply.....going on vacation next week so its going in for a service...will have to have them check for pressure leaks and check valves.  

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If they haven't flashed the ecu don't ask em to you may loose the xt file for ever I beleive it has been disallowed how ever mack pro would know this for sure!

i am not positive of this it was a rumor floating around!

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