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Shipping car parts

Terry T

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Folks I'm drawing a blank.  I know they've been mentioned here & on other forums. What are some of the website's for people to ship items that won't go Brown?  A friend of mine needs a set of fenders  for his '63 T-bird convertible shipped from Ontario, CA to Ft Wayne, IN. Some idiot didn't see the large hunk of steel & chrome and managed to hit him head on in his early 2000's Impala a few months ago.  He's located the fenders but needs to know how to get them home & some rates.

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uShip is one bunch.   https://www.uship.com/

Who knows how close it is to the fiasco TV show called "Shipping Wars".

He can check bus lines also.  A friend bought some fenders out of TX and they arrived in NH in the bottom of a Greyhound bus.  That was a few years ago and the service may no longer be available.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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I've used Greyhound several times to ship over sized items. I think their only criteria is not too large for the shipping compartment and not too heavy to be moved by hand. The price was very reasonable, even gave a veteran's discount. It does take a little longer and is station to station.

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