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Hello from Central VA


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Picture from when I brought it home last year:


The rest of the album is here: http://imgur.com/a/rketF

Previous owner painted it purple, the fenders are actually early CJ-5 (it is actually titled as a '52 CJ-5, which is interesting because they didn't make CJ-5s then!) but the rest of the sheet metal appears to be M38A1. Definitely an M38A1 chassis, it has the cross member for a gun mount. It has a 2.0L Ford Pinto engine swapped in, in place of the original F-head, which may get swapped for a Mazda license-built Perkins 4-135 out of a rotted Ford Ranger Diesel -- I suspect the bell housing is the same since the Pinto engine was offered in the Rangers. It runs and drives, but the brakes are pretty terrible, I've got a full kit to replace them, master cylinder to drums. Needs a new gas tank too, currently running out of an aux tank sitting in the back seat!

There are two more project jeeps on the farm, a 1948 CJ-2A and a 1948 M38. Both are pretty well disassembled at the moment, they're supposed to be my dad's project(s) but he hasn't gotten around to doing much on them.


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We've got a VW Jetta we bought to steal the 1.6L turbodiesel engine out of that drinks oil. I'm pretty sure some bonehead hosed it down with ether and blew the oil rings out of it. Starts excellent even in the cold with no block heater, but when you're overrunning going downhill it leaves a thick blue smoke trail behind. Uses a quart of oil every 50 miles or so. Currently parked and awaiting disassembly.

The 1.6L turbodiesel is going to replace the worn out (0.050" out in the bores!) 1.6L naturally aspirated diesel in my wife's '79 VW Rabbit. I keep meaning to start on the swap but the old 1.6L NA just won't die!

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Yeah, but she loves the old Rabbit :) We've looked at a few newer TD and TDI VWs and she's always decided to keep on with the Rabbit. Definitely not the cost effective option -- we've had the floor pans and rockers replaced, shaved and rebuilt the head, changed radiator out, did a 5-speed transmission swap, and had the injection pump rebuilt. At least it's pretty easy to work on!

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