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For those born before 1950 only


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3 hours ago, Back In Black Pulling said:

Everybody was asleep except the Blonde that was checking him out maybe her name was Sue?

Yeah that blonde was definitely very interested in what she saw.  Here' another appealing blond in this video...

You will probably have to copy and then paste into your browser to view it.



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now thats more my speed and style but of dont think I saw in cattle in the ring but still cattle sheilas and some good music all we need now is a Chamberlain tractor  R model Mack a Cat crawler, IH tractor and some more foxy sheilas and we we would have a good video clip lol



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If you were born in 1949 or earlier you were already a teenager by 1962.  A lot of great, early rock and roll was released between 1961 and 1963.  Some off these songs were played on juke boxes so frequently that the records had to be replaced monthly since they were literally worn out.  You may recall these hits, all of which can be see and heard on YouTube.  I hate that YouTube loads commercials in front of this stuff - but I guess you can't complain about free.

The 4 Seasons,   Walk Like a Man

The 4 Seasons,   Sherry

Gene Chandler,   The Duke of Earl

Little Eva,           The Locomotion

The Crystals,      Da Doo Ron Ron

All these years gone by and yet a few of these artists still perform on occasion.

Just for grins, here's LaLa Brooks of the Crystals, original and then again about 50 years after the original release.   (scroll down)





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