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1959 B95F For Sale $5000


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1959 Mack B95 Fire Engine

Powered by a six cylinder Mack Thermodyne 707 cubic inch gasoline engine (ENF707C), with five speed transmission.  Very low mileage; less than 28,000 original miles.  Hale pump, 1000 gpm rated, and 1000 gallon water tank with rear quick dump valve.  The pump and tank are functional, but have not been pressure tested in several years.

Acquired in 1994 from a private party, after service with Huntington Manor FD, Long Island, NY and Grafton Village FD, VT.  I have the original Mack build sheets from the company historian and will include those for the buyer, along with a rare operators manual.  Dual sirens and air horn.

It is fully restorable and mechanically sound, but would also be an excellent parts truck for another restoration.  The speedometer cable broke about two years ago, enroute from Montana, so it has about 200 miles more than actually shown on the meter.  I have replaced it with new Mack speedometer and cable, but need to connect to transmission.  I put new front windshield rubber on it about a year ago and replaced the wipers.  It is currently in storage in Hayden, ID and can be viewed there. 

As-Is/Where-Is.  More details and photos on request. Call Bob Gadsby at 208-635-5568 or email me at: wildfire_idaho@att.net



Mack B95F_logo.jpg

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Photo is a couple years old, but still looks about the same.  No raw spots in the paint except for a couple quarter sized spots on sides of the rear bodywork.  Could use a paint refresher, but is rust free except for the area around the rear fenders where they attach, and this would not be a big fix.

I can get some more current pictures if interested.  It's raining here for the next few days, but will be shooting some pictures after it clears.


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1 hour ago, yarnall said:

It looks nice. Does it have air brakes? I wonder what it would cost to get it to the east coast?  

Check with Mack mhe9 .....He has moved several firetrucks for multiple friends of mine and all have been very happy with the service and the price. 


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You might want to change the color of your font. Black lettering on black background is really hard to read. Nice looking truck though. 

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Yes, it does have air brakes.  I found it originally in Vermont and had it trucked by flatbed to Montana for about $1400 but that was many years ago.  I got good advice and found a truck broker who found a guy deadheading back from and East Coast run and got a deal on the rate because he didn't want to return empty.  Trucker said is was the most fun of anything he'd ever hauled!

As far as the font, not sure what's up, but seems to show up fine on my computer?



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