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Chevrolet Low-Cab Forward Pricing Starting at $40K


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Heavy Duty Trucking  /  April 29, 2016

Chevrolet announced pricing for the low-cab forward medium-duty trucks – the brand’s newest entry into a growing segment of the commercial vehicle market.

Pricing for the trucks with gasoline engines will start at $40,900. Pricing for trucks with diesel engines will start at $48,375. Prices will include a $1,125 destination charge but exclude tax, title, license, and dealer fees.

The new trucks are offered in regular- and crew-cab body styles, with either a 6.0L V-8 gas engine, 3.0L turbo-diesel engine, or 5.2L turbo-diesel engine, all with 6-speed automatic transmissions.

“We know how important the total vehicle cost of ownership is to fleet customers to be successful in their work, and we believe these prices reflect some of the most competitive in the market when it comes to medium-duty trucks,” said Ed Peper, U.S. vice president for General Motors Fleet. “The range of prices gives fleet owners an option that best fits their needs.”

The seven new models – Chevrolet 3500, 3500HD, 4500, 4500HD, 4500XD, 5500HD, and 5500XD – will be distributed through select Chevrolet dealers who are intensely focused on the commercial business.

Additional features include:

- Excellent visibility and maneuverability – especially in urban environments.

- Easy driver entry and exit.

- Wheelbases ranging from 109 to 212 inches.

- GVWRs ranging from 12,000 to 19,500 pounds.

- Compatibility with a variety of body types, including dry freight or refrigerated boxes, stake/flat beds, and service bodies.

- Easy-access engine compartment with 45-degree tilting cab. 

The Chevrolet Low Cab Forward trucks will arrive at select Chevrolet dealers in the third quarter. Model specific pricing will be available closer to the start of production. 

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Ok- time for Ford to wake up.  Isuzu diesel power coupled with a much larger dealer network has to spell trouble for Ford.  Transit sales are booming but Ford will have nothing that is diesel powered over 10,000 lbs that is NOT a conventional cab.  and not everyone wants to push a "long hood" around city streets with a clueless non-CDL driver.

Just don't understand when they have a decent cab available in the lighter weight range Cargo.

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Agreed- If you have to do pickups and deliveries in alleys, inside buildings, etc. a cabover like this can offer half again the load space in a package the size of a pickup. And Ford needs to take this market seriously- The new F650/750 doesn't seem to be selling all that well.

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Class 5 and 6 will transition to 5L 4 cylinder diesels with the coming EPA regulations.  Isuzu will be ahead of the curve with their new F series class 6 truck, and Freightliner will soon be offering a 5L Detroit Diesel in he M2.

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9 hours ago, TeamsterGrrrl said:

Agreed- If you have to do pickups and deliveries in alleys, inside buildings, etc. a cabover like this can offer half again the load space in a package the size of a pickup. And Ford needs to take this market seriously- The new F650/750 doesn't seem to be selling all that well.

Actually the 650 is doing well-my suspicion is its all V-10 gas jobs- 12 mos 2015 they had 26.8% of class 6.  Feb YTD they are at 35.9% of class 6.  class 7 another story- 12 mos 2015 they had 4.85% of class 7.  Feb ytd they are down to 3.93.  I don't think the Power Stroke has a lot of interested buyers at 33,000lb GVW.  If they don't get a good 6 cyl. diesel-or a bigger gas (make that gaseous-gas, LP, CNG) motor for class 7 they are toast IMO.

By the way- Jim H- how does your friend like his new 650 V-10 ramp truck??

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5 hours ago, kscarbel2 said:

Though it makes the best all-around light truck in the world, Isuzu has been struggling for years. This GM deal is very important to the truckmaker's long-term survival.

I agree, and Isuzu's biggest problem of late in the U.S. is their dealer network.  Selling the trucks from Chevy Commercial dealers should increase their volume substantially, and the reintroduction of the class 6 F series can only help.  It was a mystery to me why Isuzu begged off the deal to take over GM's medium duty business back in 2009, but I guess the economic uncertainty at the time was too much for them.  Isuzu also had plans to open their own plant.  

Interesting situation now.  GM is back to selling Isuzu N series trucks, which are now assembled by Spartan Motors.  GM is also working with Navistar in a deal that will likely be just as important to NAV as the LCF deal is to Isuzu.  I am hearing that GM will be responsible for a lot of the design work going into the Chevy/International JV trucks,  and rumors are that there will be more JV trucks beyond the Chevy class 4/5 medium conventional/International TerraStar replacement.  International has also mentioned cabovers.  Could GM be brokering something between Isuzu and Navistar?  Interesting thought.






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The global market FX series reflects just how tight Isuzu's money is. They placed an N-Series light truck cab atop a medium heavy truck chassis, and the result is mediocre at best.





The Isuzu GXZ (aka. VC46) prime mover with that N-Series light truck cab looks ridiculous, who wouldn't buy a Hino 700 series instead?







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On May 3, 2016 at 4:17 AM, RoadwayR said:

When Isuzu introduced that cab on the N series they said it was a modular design that would eventually be used on most all of their vehicles.  

Scania is legendary in the industry for its modular design philosophy.

But having said that, a light truck cab (with its simplistic interior and instrumentation) looks ridiculous atop a heavy truck chassis. In India it would be okay where pricing is incredibly sensitive, but I wouldn't sell it anywhere else.  

Speaking of COE cab trucks, each of the three segments, light, medium and heavy, have a unique design requirement due to their different missions in life. A few global truckmakers reduce their cost footprint by utilizing a common cab for light and medium, and that generally can work. However, when a COE heavy truck cab is cut down to create a medium truck cab, it often appears aesthetically awkward.


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Chevrolet Low Cab Forward Upfitters Announced

Heavy Duty Trucking  /  June 28, 2016

General Motors has struck ship-thru deals with Morgan Corp. and Supreme Corp. to add bodies to the first Chevrolet Low Cab Forward trucks expected to arrive in late August, according to a General Motors Fleet sales manager.

General Motors is re-entering the cabover segment — the company discontinued the W Series cabovers in 2009 — with a Chevrolet-badged Isuzu N-Series truck that's built in Fujisawa, Japan, and Charlotte, Michigan.

The Chevrolet Low Cab Forward will arrive in late August with seven models powered by a 6.0L gasoline engine, 3.0L turbo-diesel, or 5.2L diesel. GM will offer gasoline models including the 3500 (12,000 GVW) and 4500 (14,500 GVW); the 3.0L diesel 3500HD (13,000 GVW); and 5.2L diesel-powered 4500HD (14,500 GVW), 4500XD (16,000 GVW), 5500HD (17,950 GVW), and 5500XD (19,500 GVW).

Final assembly of the gasoline trucks takes place by Spartan Motors, while the diesel trucks will arrive fully assembled at four ports including Baltimore; Jacksonville, Fla.; San Diego; and Tacoma, Wash.

"We will also have inventory at the ports at the beginning to allow a fleet to have quick access to a chassis for quicker order-to-delivery time," said Brad Beauchamp, Chevrolet Medium Duty Truck commercial sales manager for the Western region. "That will start near the end of August."

In addition to the ship-thru process where trucks are set up for a fleet and delivered to a local dealer for pick up, General Motors will also offer a ship-to process for more customized upfits or set-ups with bodies not offered by Morgan or Supreme.

General Motors will ship initial units to the upfitters to set up in popular configurations and add to bailment pools and as demo units at the approximately 230 Chevrolet Business Elite dealers that have signed up to offer the LCF trucks. GM is offering the trucks at about a third of its Business Elite dealers. The company now counts about 4,000 dealer locations in the U.S.

The initial trucks will mostly be set up as box trucks or refridgerated box trucks with reefer units, Beauchamp said. GM won't offer GMC-badged models, and the trucks must be serviced through Chevrolet dealers.

The LCF trucks will retail for at least $40,900 for the gasoline-powered model and $48,375 for the diesel models. GM is offering a $1,500 street incentive for any of the seven models for fleet buyers.

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