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Where's the April 1st new product announcements?

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Been kinda slow here for April 1st, usually we have a slew of news of new products on April 1st. I've been busy covering VW AG's announcement that they're re-entering the tractor business with their TDI models and also solving their EPA and CARB problems: http://gearheadgrrrl.com/2016/04/01/porsche-and-vw-re-enter-the-tractor-biz/

I heard that Mack Australia was going to start exporting their feisty breed of bulldogs to the rest of the world, and thanks to some quirks of obscure treaties there's nothing Volvo can do to stop them. And given that a stash of NOS old cabs and tooling to build more was recently found, will the set back front axle MH prototype Truck Magazine revealed back in the early 80s finally enter production? And will the upcoming EU monopoly investigation force VW to sell Scania and Volvo sell Mack to the Swedish Investment Consortium? Lots of great  stories here folks, let's get writin"!

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Volvos are great trucks. They've had the best cabs and amt's in the business for over 10 years now. Paccar has only recently caught up with the T680/579. A lot of the things that are great about current Pinnacles (great steering, nice powertrain) are Volvo trademarks. 

P.S. And yes, every manufacturer has had their EGR/DPF/SCR issues. 

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