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Need Some Pre-Start Advice

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After tearing down my END 711, replacing some pistons, cleaning, and painting everything, I now have the engine back together and would like to start and run it a bit to check and see if all is well. Obviously, I must first replace the required fluids and I need your advice because this is a first for me and I need to do it right. I have a maintenance manual that address the more common Mack engines but very little discussion on the END 711. So, my questions follow:

OIL: My manual recommends presoaking the oil filter prior to placing it in the can. It also tells me to soak the engine block vent filter.

1. Is there a prudent sequence to filling the engine with the correct amount of oil? (i.e. Do I fill the crank case first and then the oil filter? Does it matter?)

2. Can anyone enlighten me as to how much (guarts or pints) oil it will take to fill the crank case and how much it will take to fill the oil filter can?

3. Am I forgetting to add oil somewhere on the engine prior to start?

TRANNY OIL: I have the Quadraplex tranny and I had to drain the oil in order to remove a PTO I no longer need on the truck.

1. Where do you add oil to the tranny? (Driver's side?)

2. Is there any trick to adding tranny oil?

3. Any idea how much oil is required to fill the Quad box?

FUEL: I have a pump on my new primary fuel filter that will pump fuel to the fuel pump. I have a hand pump on the fuel pump that will get fuel to the injectors (I assume)

1. Should I hand fill the secondary fuel filter prior to starting or will it fill naturally as the engine runs?

2. Should I add fuel anywhere else on the engine prior to starting?

COOLANT: My book tell me I have a 48 qt. radiator and I have read on BMT that the green antifreeze is the way to go in these old Macks. Do I have this right?

FINALLY: Any other "Pre-Start" tips or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks.


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my $.02

Engine- I doubt it matters what you fill first engine or filter as long as it gets filled and you pre-soak the filter

Transmission -There should be two fill plugs on passenger side one about 3/4 up that has magnet second one about 1/3 which is the fill plug fill till it is full to the lower plug. Take the high plug out and clean it.

Fuel- Best to pre-soak and fill make it easy for priming and flow.

Coolant- You got it.

Anything else- Yes I would pre-lube the turbo and I would also pre-lube the engine if at all possible. Not sure how much assembly lube you put on everything or how you soaked the valve train so I would try and use a pressure tank for pre-lube ((This guy shows how to make a cheap one for about $30 or less depending on your hoarding skills)) If you think you pre-lubed everything up good I would at least crank the motor over to build oil pressure before messing with the fuel to make sure that it won't start.

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When I still ran the big filter, I would put 3 gal in the pan, 3 gal in the filter housing and start it. I've heard a few variations, but 6 gallon always worked for me in my 673. I would just put the filter in the housing, close it up and fill it.

I would spin it over to get pressure before lighting it off the first time, that is always a good idea with any new motor.

Green antifreeze!

I would say that pumping the hand primer on the pump will draw fuel and get everything primed up. Always works for me. Shouldn't take long, I replaced my lines the other winter and within a few dozen pumps I was pressurized and ready to start.



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