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Finally Got It Running

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Here is a video clip of my B61 moving under it's own power :D

That's great Randy. Don't think you'll go far with that passenger side fuel tank though!

You tube videos are always poor and without sound for me, but I didn't notice any smoke so I assume the truck runs well?

Have fun with it.


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Thank you for the compliments. I feel lot better now that its running. The man i bought it from said it hadn't run in at least 5 years. After freeing up a couple plungers in the injector pump, and some clean fuel it came right to life, with no smoke, no funny noises, and good oil pressure.

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Hi Randy,

Man, I would have loved to have seen and heard her run in person. Their is nothing like it when you can hear one startup, especially when you can be in the pilot's seat. The most excitement for me was the summer of 05 when I got to fly in a P51 Mustang. It still excites me when an engine comes alive, then moves on its on power. Read my story when you get time.

Best of Luck!!


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Man-that sounds good! :thumb: I remember when I got my '45 EH running well enough to drive. I felt like the king of the world! Of course,I had lots of incentive-I knew I had to make it run well enough to drive home,towing my one ton flatbed truck,300 miles. (It did just fine-a little overheating on hills and couple of gallons of gear oil through the secondary box and out the rear seal, and a half gallon to top the axle.) Congrats!! So what's the next part of the project?


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