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welcome dan i`m not real familiar with that type of change over but it sure can be done . if i were doing it i would try my best to get a higher capacity radiator fit in some how. the rest would be just a matter of getting the motor mounts in the right places keep posting progress i`m sure someone else will chime in also who has a lot more experience with mack than i

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Welcome! Great picture of the B.

Don't know if there would be enough room in the tunnel of an H for a tip turbine. Never had a chance to work on one. If there isn't, than you have to figure where you would put the air to air cooler so you could make the higher HP. A 237 would fit nicely and would give a small boost in HP.


It doesn't cost anything to pay attention.

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Nice replies from everyone, thanks. No I am not originally from Jersey. Raised in the Caribbean, but went to high school in Jersey. That job with the B61 at my early age still ranks among the two or three best jobs I have ever had -- still harbor infinite gratitude to the boss who took a chance on a teenager in 1967. Though my deep feeling is still with the B models, I drove an H model a little bit during college and it's this Mack that I hanker for. I'm just at the beginning stage of learning the very basics of truck mechanics. At age 67, I'm just too far along to want to do my own restoration.

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