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Superliner stack question

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I'm currently running twin 5 inch stacks (mufflers) with 6 inch chrome stacks at the top. Been thinking about switching to 6 or 7 inch straight pipes. My exhaust of course run under the cab with 5 inch piping to 5 inch elbows. The question is do I just get 6 or 7 inch straight pipes and have them reduce to 5 inches at the elbows or scrap everything and run 6 or 7 inch pipe out from under the cab? Im not even sure if that's poss with out clearance issues. What have u guys done in the past and what looks good?

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My RS700L has 5" straight stacks with 5" elbows that reduce to 4, under the cab. Clearance is tight between the frame rail and cab. Your superliner will sit 1-2" higher than my truck so you might be able to squeez 6" elbows but it will be tight and you will want to check the air ride cab movement to be sure it will work.

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On 1/23/2015 at 5:26 PM, Back In Black Pulling said:

My truck has 7 reduced to 5 , no air ride , some pics to give you idea what it would look like


Is there anyway you could supply a vin number so I could possibly get the same stack bracket for the drivers side as you have? 

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