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I have a 200 ch with eaton rears. On the front rear on the drivers side on the rear of the housing from the banjo part to about 3in. to the drivers side the weld joining the top an bottom was ground down [ for what reason I don't know] but it was like this from the factory[i bought the truck new]. Any way in this ground area is a small horizontal crack that seeps oil, I put JB weld on it an it quits for 2 yrs. any suggestion on what else might be good to use? This must be a common problem cause a guy I park with has a 2005 an his is doing the same thing in the same spot. I have no idea why that weld was ground, must be for a jig or fixture or something like that. I know best is to weld but not convenient for me. Any suggestions on what to use? or JB weld again? Thanks

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