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High beam indicators stays on dash

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OK fellas I've got a little bit of an annoying problem with my 2005 CHN613 the high beam indicator on my dash stays on all the time and only 2 marker lights on the cab turn on, I know there's a short somewhere I just can locate it and I've rewired the headlights and trunsignal/hazards lights, I've double checked the wiring, any suggestions, opinions are very welcomed.

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Take a good look that all the grounds and related connectors are clean and tight and the ground wires are fully intact. Feed back from a poor or dirty ground connector or degraded wire will cause the high beam light to be on. It's the easiest path to ground for the circuit.


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as above if everything works right and you dont have a headlight that is shorting inside it will probably be a ground, unplug the headlight bulbs one at a time and see if it goes off that will narrow it down to that bulb or that side of the harness. the cab lights sounds like a relay or fuse, you stated only two work, is it the outside two? if so the center three are on the parking light harness and run thru the parking light relay and fuse so if you have park lights they should be on, if the outside two are out they are on the clearance light circuit and have a seperate fuse and relay, there should be fuses on the firewall near the steering shaft and in the dash on the right side. If you have a wiring issue up front in the parking light harness that could also kill the center three cab lights and make the high beam indicator stay on.

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Thank you all for the replies, the problem was a fuse, thanks Superdog I never would've known those marker lights lights ran on a separate fuse as for the high beam indicator it was a corroded ground wire, it took a while to find it but I got it. Thanks fellas I hope can help you guys some day, guys have a great holidays

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