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Fuel filter location

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I see most R models with battery start have dual battery boxes behind the steer axle. So my question is where are the fuel filters in the pics below located?



Any pics of where your ones are would be a great help, as I want to put a battery box there.

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Pretty posiitive my R's filters were passenger side, just in front of the dipstick tube about a foot, inside frame rail. You could see the top of them but we changed them from underneath. Now if you had a V8 in there I don't think they'd fit.

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Why the dual battery boxes

I have electric start on e6 in model 1986 model

Standard mack battery box on left side ( Australian. Truck ) with 2 batteries and never ever had an issue with starting

Then fuel filters both primary and secondary are mounted in position on driver side just below cabin and in front of fuel tank as per your pic

Just my thoughts any way

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What size batteries 1mack1? Who ever fitted my one up used four n70's. All our Kenworths use four batteries so I just assumed I'd need four to start the mack.

When filter is fitted inside the chassis is it easy to change?

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My R has two battery boxes but I have only 1 battery in each and it also starts easy.

This is what they are:http://www.oreillyauto.com/site/c/detail/SSB5/315T/N0369.oap?ck=Search_N0369_-1_-1&pt=N0369&ppt=C0327
Battery Type: Lead Acid
BCI Group Size: 31
Cold Cranking Amps: 950 amps
Cranking Amps: 1185 amps
Deep Cycle/Starting: Starting
Height: 9 7/16 in
Length: 13 in
Maintenance Free: Yes
Reserve Capacity: 195 min
Terminal Type: Stud Terminal
Voltage: 12 v
Weight: 60 lbs
Width: 6 13/16 in


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