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2005 CHN613 ASET 427 power/torque/boost loss PLEASE HELP


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ok heres the break down ...I've had this 2005 CHN613 with a ASET 427 E7 for the last 5 months now, everythings been going great until recently ...its been experiencing power loss, its not the turbo although i have been getting a 4-5 fault code but the waste gate/ turbo are operating fine, any suggestions on a solutions are very welcomed. I've changed the engine speed sensor, primer pump, turbo oil filter, next I'm going to change the diesel filter ...all these have been suggestions of my house mechanic ...

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You really should do the 4-5 diagnostics when it is active. Also check the boost pressure sensor. I have seen a lot of issues with them. The way they are installed lets the air intake piping hit the connectorand causes the pins to loosen. I usually install a 45 or 90 degree fitting to intall the boost pressure sensor into the keep it from hitting the piping.

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The 3 pin connector at the turbo also known as the VGT connector , these pins are loose causing your 45 code . The pins on the engine harness side are the ones you need to replace , female . pins can be bought at MACK . The pins get loose from the engine fan blowing on it making wire and connector vibrate loosning up the pin tension and breaking down the copper wire inside .

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