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I have a round Davis bed with hi lift and one thing I like about it is when hauling asphalt it is easy to lift the gate and then clean or inspect or just to spray oil into the bed when hauling that sticky stuff.I lift it and have a short latter with me and get in there with a shovel to clean out before loading asphalt.If I was to buy another one it would have a hi lift just for the ease of getting up in it.I don't like falling on the ground from climbing over as much as I did years back.

glenn akers

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imho barn doors are more of a pia than they worth. Stumps and demo are some of the few applications where they are actually needed even then i would rather have

something like thisMB-P8080050.jpg

A lot of people think hi lift gates are still built like they were back in the 70's/80's. Fact is they are no where near it, they have pins and swing like a std gate, the hi lift is a separate function activated independently of the latch so you don't have to use it. Rogers and Ox have refined the hi lift so much you barely notice they're there until they are lifted, the cyls are hyd now instead of air And housed in he rear post out of the way.
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agreed... not as fancy but its a" do all " truck, my fl80 has one and i can't see not having it . I load all kinds of stuff in that truck, plants , pallets, bolders. Trying to sell the J and J but only lowballers, can't seem to see thru the surface rust, might have to just stick with it for now. It should clean up well but gloss black will show everything.

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From my experience with barn door is once you go over 10 wheeler size they dont hold there shape anymore. Maybe the newer bodies are built better but from what ive been around they seem to be problems all the time.

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thanks twin is quoting me on a 400 series with 50" sides , the gate latch looks interesting. anyone have experiance with them?

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