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  1. From the album: Mack in my area (Montreal, QC)

    A Granite GU813 running for Eurovia_DJL in the Montreal area... The inspiration for the HO scale replica
  2. Picture of Mack trucks that I have made recently. HO scale models.
  3. For more information on the concept : http://dramisintl.com/
  4. From the album: Mack in my area (Montreal, QC)

    Caught this Granite from Storto Asphalte last month on a paving job in my neighborhood. PS: My apologies for the natural light and the odd angles but I couldn't get any more room (I was against a fence...). They were paving closeby (very...) so, it was that or pretty much nothing ;-)

    © Christophe Culis

  5. Here is the website of Lagacé, unfortunately, it's in French... http://www.benneslagace.com/benne_lagace_lf400.html but... http://www.twinequipment.com/upload/litterature/Lagace_218.pdf
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. For the MHD, personnaly, I haven't seen a single unit in the greater Montreal area However, we definitively see a lot of GUs around, 8x4 dump and mixer trucks (Demix/Holcim, Unibeton, for the larger companies but the small and medium size companies have bought significant numbers of GUs too). Last week, I even saw a brand new GU for Lafarge! I was wondering when they were going to start the replacement of their aging Paystars and older Mack models... Looks like it's kicking in slowly...
  7. From the album: Mack in my area (Montreal, QC)

    The other Mack in the Piravic fleet...Great looking truck, just can't miss it on the road!

    © Christophe Culis

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