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Value of truck for insurance?

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Some insurance companies will want an appraisal on your truck. I had my Superliner appraised about a month ago. The guy appraised it at $33000.00 I was pleased with that but when the broker went to write me under Hagerty they filled out all the paperwork had me get it appraised and then told me it was too new for them it's an 89 and they won't do it unless it over 30 years old. So I guess I'll keep shopping. But when I was working the truck a couple times the insurance just asked me what u valued it at approximately. And I told them $20,000.00 and they went with that. But if the unthinkable happens you are best to have an appraisal and have it agreed upon in writing with the insurance that way you won't get bent over. They have to hold good to the appraised value of the truck.

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First off remember insurance is good to have till you need it. Hagerty has my 88R insured but may be due to I have several cars also insured on the same policy but like bad dog mentioned have it appraised by a Licensed appraiser and get an agreed value. Good luck!

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not knowing anything about insurance in the states but in Australia I always work on an agreed value it can save a lot of heart ache if something does go wrong and I always try to be realistic with what I reckon its worth its no good going in cheap to keep the premium down and then have a claim and find out they want to right your pride and joy off because the repairs are to close to the value any way thats what I do


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