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New Jost SDR roof diffuser boosts fuel economy


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Transport Operator / August 21, 2014

Jost has introduced a patented roof diffusor for trailers that promises fuel savings up to 4%.

The Jost SDR roof-mounted diffuser has a positive effect in minimizing air turbulence at the rear of the vehicle.

The air flowing over the roof is directed through the Jost SDR diffusor, significantly reducing the drag effect caused by the turbulent air by 50 percent. This results in less air swirl and air resistance, and thus substantial fuel savings of up to 4%. The initial cost of the SDR roof diffusor is recovered in just a few months.

The Jost SDR diffuser starts working at 25 mph, and delivers maximum results at speeds above 50 mph.

Once the turbulent low pressure zone is created at higher speeds, it drags the truck and trailer back. In order to maintain a constant speed, more power and more fuel are needed to overcome this drag. The Jost SDR diffuser compresses air flowing over the roof and pushes the high pressure air into the low pressure area which would normally be created behind the trailer. The SDR diffuser turns this low pressure area into high pressure area, smoothing the air flow to reduce drag, thus reducing the engine’s workload at cruising speeds for enhanced fuel economy. The SDR diffuser has no moving parts and requires no maintenance.

As a result of lower fuel consumption, the Jost SDR diffusor also reduces CO2 emissions.

Two more benefits of the Jost’s SDR roof diffusor resulting from reduced air turbulence behind the vehicle are most noticeable during bad weather: The rear of the vehicle remains cleaner and the road view of following vehicles is improved, as less spray mist develops behind the vehicle.

Installing the Jost SDR roof diffuser on the rear frame of a truck body, trailer or semi-trailer.is simple.




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