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3 dogs for sale or parts


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OK some of yall might remember my post several months ago about the steel nose green dash dm that got hauled in for junk. Well I went up to the guys property and he still has 3 Macks left that are going to get scrapped because their "going to be cleaning up some the old junk" there are 2 dumps and one tractor. Sorry I didn't get a pic of the dm or the r611 tag wasn't thinking and I didn't have a whole bunch of time.

'71 R611 tandem fair- rough cab 237 5 sad with a pedigree mack motor that supposed to have about a year on it. Bed is fair running gear seems good.

A 77(?) Dm looks like a 686 237 with Jakes 6spd tandem aluminum bed with a nice steel liner cab is not the best but is fixable so I'd say fair

Last is the R tractor (mid -late70s because it had the R emblem on the cab) was a tanker tractor because it still has the pto pump on it. It appears to be a 237 also 5spd cab on it is the best of the bunch I'd say decent. Complete running gear as well no 5th wheel.

If anyone is interested in the trucks as a whole they can be bought for what their worth scrap price except the R 611 Id say he might want a little more for it but I'm not sure. If their is something specific that you want me to check on parts wise I can do that and see what price he'll put on it. So if I can help anyone give me a call and I'll do what I can. 304-206-8476


Btw the trucks are located in sissonville wvpost-12689-0-59404200-1403895623_thumb.jpost-12689-0-02377100-1403895691_thumb.jpost-12689-0-10722700-1403895737_thumb.j

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