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New to this not Mack Truck


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Hi. Like to introduce myself. I am Steven Hales From Fruitland Idaho, I like old trucks,and pickups . Presenrty restoring a 1954 Chevy Pickup. I am looking at buying a Mack EE and found this forum. The reason I am interested in Mack is I was employed at Mack Trucks Inc. I started with Mack Trucks in 1961 and worked for the next 33 years. I retired from Mack Trucks in 1994 at the ripe old age of 56. What a time that was. Enjoyed every minute

of it. I owned a 1950 Mack Fire Truck model L95 it was a 1250 Triple Combination Pumper. Fully operationnal and ran good. I am hoping to get this Mack EE so I can hangout and chat. Good day be back soon.


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Welcome to BMT! Good luck with the Chebbie and Mack.

I am familiar with the Fruitland/Ontario area....NACA (since out of business) was a test fleet for my company. Trebar Kenworth (now Rush) is in the building. And AGL parks some trucks there. We also had storage at Grant's Petroleum. My assistant lives in Meridian. February 2012 was the last time I visited Fruitland. Need to get back there again. Nice country!!

Did you work at the Mack dealer in Boise?


PRR Country and Charter member of the "Mack Pack"

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