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Need some advice

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I got the B61T on the road for a few very short runs. Everything mechanical seems to work. Next step is to pull the cab off to clean frame for paint. Before I do want to be sure if there is any thing that needs to be checked with engine running ( 673 NA ). Starts up with a small wisp of white smoke then runs clear for a diesel. A puff of white and black on acceleration. Oil pressure is 80# cold 30# at 160 deg. I think the oil is at least 30wt.probally non detergent. Never plan to work the truck. Not a lot of experience with diesel engines. Any advise would be appreciated.

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What I was looking for was what to do if necessary on the motor as far as any tests or checks. I was told to take a line off each injector one at a time with motor running and see if you notice any difference. Things like this. Also the oil pressures were at idle Thanks.

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Unless you can really work the truck under load there is little more that is worth doing to the motor before you pull it to get at the frame. Your pressures seem to be quite good and the smoke issue is entirely natural for motors of this age.

Take lots of pictures and tape up any uncoupled pipes and unions. Maybe even use colored tape to distinguish which is which. The motor will need a good service - but you can do that when it is back in.

Trust your instincts - and good luck!

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