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I am new to the site...just purchased my first B-61 that needs some TLC. For the past few days, I have been reading the discussions and blogs and soaking up the advice and checking out what is for sale on this wonderful site. I have noticed several references to "Tidewater" when folks are talking about Mack parts that can be hard to find at a good price. Can someone enlighten me on Tidewater, full name, contact person and #, location? I hail from Yorktown, VA. and the entire area down here that borders the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay is called the Tidewater area and there is a business in Chesapeake, VA called Tidewater Fleet Supply. Is this the "Tidewater" that people are referring to? Happy to be on the site and would appreciate any info.

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Thanks Fellas,

Can't wait to dig into my truck. Looks like it might take awhile to learn how to drive it though...those two sticks have me mystified. I have watched video after video of guys shifting the quadraplex and I can't seem to pick up any pattern or the rhythm. I will figure it out however...may just take me a while. probably need to practice late at night so I don't run people off the road. I am sure someone in this area knows how to roll one of these trucks down the road. I will get some instruction from someone. Thanks for the info on Tidewater. If I run into anyone around here that has any parts they would like to get rid of, I will sing out on this site. Thanks again.

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