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1995 CH613 350 Engine injector Question


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I own a CH613 E7 350 Horse Power Day Cab. I think it is time to change the injectors. How hard is it to remove and replace the injectors? Details on how to preform the work. Thanks

It's not that bad of a job, quite easy actually. After removing the valve covers, remove the iinj. lines. You don't have to completely remove the lines, just move them back enough so they are a couple inches away from the injectors. Pull the injectors out, I use a small slide hammer(seal puller) with a 5/16 fine thread adapter on the end. Once out make sure all the tip washers are out-very important you have all 6 washers. Unless you had a leaking injector and a hole has carbon in it, I usually spray some brake clean into the injector holes and blow them out. Its best to use non-flammable type brake clean.

Install the o-rings onto the injectors, only the top 2 groves are used-above and below the inlet, I use grease to hold the tip washer and lube the inj. o-rings. Using a 5/16 fine thread bolt about 4" long, screw it into the top of the inj., line up the dowel on the injector to the slot in the head and install the injectors. A lot of times they will pop into place pushing them in, sometimes you may have to tap one until it bottoms with a small hammer. Once in, snug the inj. caps, install the inj. lines and snug lines. Torque the inj. caps to 45 ft/lbs, then torque the lines to 30-35 ft/lbs at the heads, 25 ft/lbs at the inj. pump.

While you are there you might as well adjust the valves. Valve adjustment should be .016" intake and exhaust should be .024". Check the valve cover, on some engines the exhaust is .028".

Good Luck

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