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Granite Compressor / Dryer Cycling


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My Granite looses about 5 PSI per hour.

My compressor builds to 120 and the Bendix Air Dryer dumps, (valve on bottom drops). Valve doesn't leak while down.

The pressure on the reserve side only, starts to drop, and 30 seconds later there is a puff and the valve pulls up at 110, up and seals tight.

The pressure continues to drop to 105. Then the compressor kicks in and builds to 120.

The total cycle time is 70 seconds. This happens while parked or driving but with engine running only.

If I wait to the Bendix valve to blow at 120 and shut the engine off system holds air fine.

At the end of last season I replace both the dryer and bottom valve.

Is this the proper operation ? It's fricking annoying for sure....

Thanks Rob

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is your drop axle electric-air operated-tied to ign. sw. I'm thinking your air loss is tied to the ign. sw. some how have you tried just turning the key to the "run" position and seeing if you have any leaks? or is your tailgate switch electric over air and your air cylinder is leaking when its charged with air?

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No on the tag and tailgate. All that is separate, air only, has a cutout at 60 PSI and becomes non functional.

I have tried just turning the Ignition switch on, no engine running, but no leaks.

UpDate Sunday..

I check the lines from the Governer to the Drier and Tank, their good, Pulled the supply check valve on the Dryer and that is sealing. It does have a groove in it from wear but it does seal.

I put in a new Govener and that made no difference. Cheap enough.

I double checked and cycling only happens when running.

I looked at the Bendix Literature and it should cycle no more than 1 X in 4 minutes.

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