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Park brake question

BC Mack

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Just sounding you old truckers out.....

when spring parking brakes (maxi's) were new to trucks they were operated by a lever on the dash, correct?... that in turn became the yellow knob...easy so far.

the picture below illustrates the knob I am familiar with... read the instructions carefully...

my question... did this method of operation ever appear in the truck industry...?

BC Mack


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here is a photo of the side panel...

the black button you also won't find in a truck

anyone wish to hazard a guess what this is from?

I am still interested to find out if a 'push to park' was ever a standard fit in a truck


BC Mack


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and the answer is.......

Transit Bus..!!!

an option from many manufacturers that seems to be chosen by most operators, I've seen them in our fleet from current deliveries back to early 80's...

why?... still digging into that. Heard lots of conjecture.

the reason I asked about being installed on trucks is that one of the stories I was given was that there were a standard fitment at one time until an incident where a second driver climbed out of the bunk when at speed and his foot hit the yellow knob therefore applying the park brake with interesting results.... urban legend?

I'm trying to find a report or legislation but it doesn't seem to be out there, or I just can't find it.... at work it is simply "a transit thing"....

as for the black button... emergency air.... if maxi's apply due to loss of air, pressing and holding the black button while releasing the park brake will allow the bus to be moved. Quite tricky to do with one hand and having an automatic helps.

as '39 baby mack' states it is a Sealco vs Bendix situation... Bendix is firmly in the 'pull to apply' market.

any insights welcome..

BC Mack

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About half of our RR maintenance of way equipment is set up with sealco valves like this, the other half are the standard Bendix push to release valve.

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