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air compressor and water pump question

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My 98 CH613 (427)always had alot of moisture in the air system....well a few years of freeze ups and alcohol, alot of my relay valves have failed. Anyway, air compressor is 5 years old has about 80,000 miles on, will replacing it with a rebuilt one cut down on my moisture issue? How much is a rebuilt compressor going to cost me?

Talking about moisture, theres antifreeze coming from the weep hole on the water pump. So I'll be changing that too. So how much $$ is a water pump going to set me back.


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Have you done any service on the air dryer lately? Have that checked first. The air comp. is a PIA to change.

Can't remember the price of a water pump, maybe $400, you will probably need to have the pulley pressed off and on-$25 at the machine shop next to me. Its all the other "stuff" to get the water pump replaced. Change belt since you are there

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Get it all done in one shot. New water pump, new or rebuilt compressor, new belts, and new dessicant in the air dryer. If you have "spitter" valves on your air tanks, I hate those fucking things- they always freeze up on me. I replace every one of the useless POS's with manual drains that I link together with a pull cord that I secure right at the edge of the cab- that way whenever I see it, I reach down and give it a blast and drain out any ambient moisture.


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