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I got my B 61 into the shop to start restoration. The truck has not run in two years but with good batteries would always fire right up. Now I cant get it to start or even hit. Fresh fuel ,filters, some new lines, new hand primer pump. With the hand pump I can get fuel to go back to the tank from the return line. I cracked open the fuel lines at injectors 2,3,4,5,&6 after cranking numerous times no fuel seen here. Then I cracked open fuel lines 1,2,3,&4 off the injector pump still can not see any fuel here after cranking the engine over. Would capping the return line, tank vent and putting about 5 psi air on the tank help? Any help would be appreciated.

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sounds like the plugers are stuck I the pump. pretty common lately with the Low sulfer diesel. not enough lube in it anymore. take the side cover off the pump and crank it over and make sure the springs an plungers are moving up and down. if not, take a screwdriver and hammer and stick it in between the springs and lightly tap down on it with the hammer. might need to soak it up also with some pb blaster. I usually put Lucas in my fuel tank everytime I get fuel now a days.


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My pump went bad (actualy was just weak)..replaced it everything groovy...the time before I put new filters in, the truck would not get fuel until I pressurized the tank! If your pump is weak (not sealing completely) it is ver hard for it to pull fule thru both filters! Even with the new pump (without hand pump, my Mack dealer couldnt get one) I had to pritme the pump and work my way back thru the filters...I used air in the tank to get fuel to primary, seconday, then to pump...then she cranked right up!

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